Tuesday, October 28, 2008


MW 3341..my bike number..RXZ.what a awesome bike,first i looked it.. given by my big brother.Although it was built on 90's year,but it look alike as new one because of well taking care by my brother since almost 15years ago!..i'm calling it as Z legend..Once i ride it,it seem like ride a superbike,surely not because of its power,but the soul and feel when ride a bike named RXZ make yourself ride a superbike,like Ninja,the most awesome bike in this world.Theres many memories with this bike,one of that is when riding about 4hours in rainy day.Can you imagine how bad riding in rainy day,without stop station,alone....

Monday, October 27, 2008


Since primary school,our life were sorrounding with peoples names friends..life
seem not complete without friends..Go fishing,school,playing football,related with word of friends.Usually,we tell about secret,problems to friends not family although family are the most relates people to us.Talking about friends,i'm believe everyone of us have our own best friends,not only same age with us,but maybe older or younger than us.. Bestfriend can be defined as person where we always talking to,person who know our own self mostly than other friends,person who caring us than others..Bestfriend can change your world.Believe it...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

show your talent

Since i studied in primary,presentation is one things i try to avoid.This is because i have no enough confident to present something in front of people and maybe because of I am shy person! But,after i entered UMP in Mechanical program last july,i realized that i can making presentation like others since i'd be exposed with the correct ways in how to be good presentator.There are some tips in how to be good presentator.

Firstly,you must know your strength and weakness like panic,uncofident etc.Then try to solve your weakness.You can practice doing simple presentation in front of your mirror.Sound like weird but believe that it will give you more confidence when making presentation at the public.Next,know what situation and who your audience. Then making your style and communication suitable with both things

Thursday, July 24, 2008


There are many possibilities histeria occurs among people.Some people say,because of ghost.Others said,because of low of spirit in ourself.Since it was an interesting topic,I have a story of histeria when i was studying at a secondary school in Bentong,Pahang.Orientation session was a common and joy things to us when first entered a school or learning instituition.But,its become horrible and feared things if somethings like histeria happened during that session. That happened when we enjoyed the last day of orientation session with SALAM UKHWAH activity where all members in a group must interviewed their partner and present the biografy their partner to the others group.Suddenly,a girl screamed loudly,same like a unhealthy mental person.I get shocked!since that was first time a person being like that in front of me.real things,not same as in the film.. Quickly,some facilitators came and holds her hand since she like to being as "Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam "acting by Maya Karin..All the student in the hall come to panic because of that situation.In others side,some facilitators go out to find ustaz Rahim,one of warden in school.A few minutes later,ustaz Rahim came and try to cure the girl.From that i realized that the HISTERIA is happened!


As Pahang citizen,i love to present the story about Pahang Legend Leader; Tun abdul Razak who contribute many kinds things towards Pahang and also country development.For your information,Tun Abdul Razak was born at Pulau Keladi,Pahang.His father was a senior member of Malayan Civil Service, the alert young man grew to value the best from East and West.Tun Abdul Razak Studied at Raffles College before helped organize Wataniah;among first army regiment at Tanah Melayu.He making historic things when headed an opening of 140,000 acres virgin land as settlement schemes for over 12,000 families when he act as a Ministry of National and Rural Development.This community included access roads,electricity,water supplies,shops,learning and health facilities.As a result,the poor rate between Malaysian decreased and showed that schemes has giving big contributing to Malaysia development.